Monday, February 21, 2011

Picnics After President's Day, Kind Of Like White Pants After Memorial Day

We're lucky, down here in Texas.  Usually we have a short cold season, like a week or so, and then we're back to our regularly scheduled beautiful weather.  This Winter we had a few weeks of extremely cold weather, (don't laugh, it was cold like Antarctica around here), but it's beautiful and warm for a few days.  I'm pulling out all stops and celebrating this President's day with a picnic at the park.  Southern style.

The meal will be complete with:


oven baked "fried" chicken



and homemade limeade

Or not.  Maybe we'll just do takeout since there's a fried chicken restaurant on every corner down here.


Cindy said...

warm weather....I'm frowing right now, not because I'm not happy for you but because I'm feeling sorry for myself. It's snowing here today. Think of me while you picnic. Oh and thanks again for all the awesome recipes!

Anonymous said...

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