Friday, January 8, 2010

All About Oatmeal

I thought I could use a little detox from all the yummy food I've been eating since... well, Halloween sadly. Oatmeal is wonderful for you, just ask Mr Breakfast. I decided to go over the different ways you can buy oatmeal so you'll understand what's what in my next few post, in case you didn't already. So here is the boring stuff and in the next few posts you will find really good recipes! Here's to oatmeal!

Oat Flour:You can make this yourself by grinding rolled oats in a blender or food processor. Great for breads and cookies. Oat Bran: The outer casing of the oat, ground.
Instant Oats: They have been chopped into small pieces, precooked, dried and then rolled thin back out for very quick cooking.
Quick Cooking Oatmeal: These are cut and then rolled thin.

Old Fashioned or Rolled Oats: The groats are steamed and then flattened by a roller a little thicker than quick cooking.

Steel Cut or Irish or Scottish Oatmeal:
A coarse meal is produced by slowly grinding the kernel between two large mill stones. It contains all the health giving nutrients of the best quality oats from which it was ground--the germ, the oil and the fiber. Cooks faster (and taste better) than the whole groat. -There are my favorite to eat at Breakfast.

Groat Oats:Whole grain of the oat, only outer husk removed (like all edible oatmeal) and then toasted. Oat Florets: Where is all begins. Just because I was wondering.

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