Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Refrigerator

I accept challenges, even though it may take me awhile to actually get around to doing it. Here is the stuff in my fridge. You can click on the picture to see it larger. I'll post my freezers another day. I've taken the pictures but taking the inventory is going to be time consuming. It will be a good thing though because it probably needs cleaned out.

So, from the top down on the main shelves I've got:
Homemade cake mix
Homemade Magic Mix
Ground wheat (no longer can I use the word "freshly")
Orange juice
Organic whipped butter

Dill pickle spears
Half a bag of Brown rice
Flax seed
Ground flax seed
Organic plain yogurt (to use as a starter.. one day)
French onion dip
Dry active yeast
Instant yeast
Organic applesauce
Reddi Whip
Strawberry cream cheese spread (for non existing bagels)
Cottage cheese
Honey butter tub

Organic sour cream (x2)
Hansens Ginger Ale (leftover from morning sickness days)
2 cartons of eggs - grain fed chickens
Leftover beans and rice
Leftover cilantro-lime rice (needs to be thrown out)
Homemade Apple Pie Jam (I should post that recipe)
Homemade salad dressing

Organic Yo Baby Yogurt for kids
Leftover Pizza
Sandwich for Clint's lunch
Corn tortillas (huge bag)
Lemon juice
Lime juice

In drawers I have:
2 blocks of cheese
4 bags pre-shredded cheese
2 blocks cream cheese
1 lonely Babybel cheese
1 half chewed lonely string cheese

Small watermelon
2 oranges
4 lemons
Green grapes

Button mushrooms
Cilantro (starting to get a little yucky)
2 purple onions
Organic Baby Carrots
2 lb bag organic regular carrots
1 1/2 Zucchinis
1 Sweet Texas yellow onion
Green onions
1 garlic (I didn't know was in there)

In door going from the bottom up I have:
Peach/Mango/Orange fruit spread (Costco size)
Italian dressing
Ranch dressing (expired.. oops)
Hamburger pickles
Realemon juice bottle
Thai Kitchen green curry paste
Light mayo
Soy sauce
Parm cheese
Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce
Worchestershire sauce
Remoulade (Boar's Head Cajun Mayo)
2 gallons whole organic milk
Taco sauce
Organic butter
Apricot Jam
1 bottle 1/4 full of acidophilus capsules
Big bottle ketchup
Big Hersheys chocolate syrup
Strawberry syrup
Cocktail sauce
Strawberry/Rhubarb Jam (from an amish store.. soo good)
Beef boullion paste
Chicken boullion paste
Jar of minced garlic
Packet of random stuff from fast food and other sources I save for Clint's lunch

That's it! The freezers could be scary...

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