Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Baking Round two - How To Save Time

I bucked up and did it again. I mean what are homemade teacher gifts without the homemade cookies? And what is a school Christmas party without cupcakes?

You want to know my secret?

Betty Crocker - man, I love that lady!

Betty Crocker cupcake icing

This in amazing product. Sure, it tastes like canned frosting, but I frosted 36 cupcakes without getting dirty and it comes with four great decorator tips so you can make them cute!

Of course this was the cupcakes, I mean really...I was making three dozen cupcakes for kids younger than 10 - so not making them from scratch!

See that package in the middle? The gingerbread one? That's how I saved time making these this year...

plus I found that handy little package before I could find the molasses. Remember this post was all about saving time...

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Karen S. said...

Still looks like tons of time to me!!
A secret a cake decorator once told me about packaged cake mix is to use buttermilk in place of the water called for. It really does make it taste homemade!