Thursday, May 14, 2009

What's in a name? That which we call a blog by any other name would read as sweet

I need help.  I need to rename this blog.  It was a fitting name, because I was just musing in my kitchen.  But now the blog has more purpose, more depth and more people.  Therefore, the name no longer suits the blog and it needs to be remodeled.  Much like my pantry, it's being overhauled.

That's where you, our three intelligent, lovely readers, come in.  We're taking name suggestions of all varieties.  Any and all blog name suggestions will be considered.  Because we live in a democracy a special few will be placed in a poll and they will be voted on.  The winning blog name will be announced for our 100th post.  Yay!   

Now, remember we're both named Snow, we both live in Texas, we both like to cook, we both have families and are pretty frugal...Is this giving you ideas?  It should, but I'm kind of counting on you to be more creative than I am anyway.

By the way, since this is the 90th post I really need you all to hurry...seriously, think new names and post them as comments immediately!  

Remember the comment button?  Directly beneath this post?  Push it!

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daltei said...

From Jeff and Dalene:
Ooo...Ooo...Ooo...Pick us! Pick us!

Snow Food in the House (i.e. There's no food in the house)

RecipeS NOW (i.e. Recipes Now)

Midland Menus

Snowbuddies in the kitchen

Snow on the Stove

Southern Bell Peppers

Deep in the Hearth of Texas

Four Feet of Snow in Your Pantry (Picture Brooke's and Karen's manicured feet standing around canned goods,etc)

Snow with a chance of BBQ