Monday, November 17, 2008

Mundane Monday

Hmm, I think I gave up on Thirty Minute Thursdays in the middle of the A-Z marathon. Forgive me, I beg you! I could do Mundane Mondays, because you've now started a new week. Tricky Tuesdays to give each week a challenge. Wordless Wednesdays with pictures of delicious food (likely not prepared by me). Thrifty Thursdays to find new ways to bring frugality into our lives, whilst preparing food for armies (ie: families). Fiesta Fridays to incorporate the spice of life into what we cook. Seafood Saturdays for all the is fishy and fun. Sweet Sundays (Sundaes) for all that is known as desserty goodness...

Give me ideas people... PLEASE!!! :) I'm not going to do all of them or you will see a fast end to this blog. However, I could incorporate several of them. I need some direction. This includes about what to cook for tonight...I'm thinking Swedish Meatballs...mmmm.

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